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All Employees Benefit At Lanes

At the Lanes Group, we know that our most valuable assets are our people. We also know that they are happiest when they feel appreciated, so we aim to make working here rewarding and enjoyable for all our staff. With that in mind, we are always looking for ways to become an even better employer.

Much of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy is about looking after our staff — an annual ‘What Matters Most’ employee survey; training programmes geared towards career progression and qualifications; help with dyslexia; opportunities for charity work and volunteering; staff health and well-being initiatives and, of course, award-winning operational safety procedures.

Training and Qualifications

Training here at Lanes is not just about the basics, we want to give you the knowledge and know how to do the best job you can and to do it safely. We’ve built a multi-million pound business around a strong health and safety (H&S) culture and our commitment to safe working means we take our responsibilities further than any legal obligations so H&S training is on-going.

As well as a core focus on H&S, there are practical courses that allow you to learn skills in your chosen field. We have even developed our own programmes, such as a City & Guilds foundation in drainage which gives our field engineers a recognised accreditation. And we plan to incorporate that into an NVQ level 2 Apprenticeship in Drainage Operations to be accredited by CABWI (The Certification and Assessment Board for the Water Industry)

Customer-facing staff complete an NVQ in sales, admin and customer care through our training partner, National Training Academy, which also ran a TLC (‘tender loving care’) series of workshops about customer service behaviours, skills and leadership because we think it’s important that our management team develops and acquires new skills too.

We have enlisted Aspire Development to deliver Institute of Leadership Management courses covering strategy formulation, leadership behaviours and establishing team cultures.

All our employee training records are collated and controlled through SHE, a cloud-based portal. Access to this lets supervisors see at a glance whether someone is trained to work on a specific site, for instance, use certain equipment, and so on. The operational training chart here shows the range of the practical courses we provide for operational staff.

Additional skills

We have a first-aider in every team. It’s important for employee welfare, of course, but for the wider community too. At a road traffic accident recently, a Lanes’ crew was able to administer first aid, and to make the situation safe thanks to traffic management training.

Being involved in the Hand on Heart charity has led to a Lanes’ plan to install defibrillators in all depots within the next five-years, and to train staff how to use them and perform basic life saving skills. Alongside this campaign, we’re donating defibrillators and training to selected schools too. For more information, see our CSR policy.


Legislation requires employers to enrol staff in a workplace pension scheme. At Lanes, we began auto-enrolment in October 2013 through two respected pension providers: Scottish Widows for our salaried employees and ‘The People’s Pension’ by B&CE for those paid weekly.

Both systems operate the same way, after you have completed a three-month postponement period and met the scheme’s criteria, you are automatically enrolled. Your pension contribution is deducted from your pay, but the good news is that you get tax relief added to your fund and then Lanes contributes the nett amount on top of that.

Should an employee wish to increase their contribution percentage, Lanes will administer that but the employer’s contribution will remain in line with the staggered increases as set out in the Auto Enrolment guidelines.


Our optional Simplyhealth scheme is a plan that gives you cash back towards your everyday healthcare bills. You choose the level of cover and your subscription is deducted directly from your pay. It couldn’t be easier to join and it’s available to all Lanes Group employees, wherever you work, whatever your position.

There are 20 benefits in total which include:

As well as some less known treatments, details of which are available on request.


Childcare is a costly business for parents, but through this government-approved voucher scheme, you can actually get more childcare for your money because you’ll be saving on tax and NI contributions.

As long as you’re eligible, you can choose to set aside up to £243.00* a month (£55 a week) of your gross salary for childcare vouchers. That part of your salary is exempt from tax and NI contributions, so you only pay tax and NI on the remaining amount. And the vouchers can be used for all types of registered childcare. Lanes administers the scheme through computer share voucher services'.

*Dependent on basic or high- tax rates

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